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Set Point Tennis Organization is proud to partner with Growing Champions for Life.  We look forward to working David Benzel to help parents nurture bond with children by providing parents with positive and practical strategies for playing their role as sport parent effectively through the gift of unconditional love and the pursuit of personal excellence.  

Growing Champions for Life helps coaches connect with the part of each athlete that wants to learn and grow as a person and an athlete; providing an opportunity to reach their full potential.  The way we nurture that connection is by providing coaches with positive and practical strategies for effectively inspiring an athlete through that journey.


About: David Benzel

Founder of Growing Champions for Life, David helps sports parents and coaches incorporate positivity and persistence into their communication with the young athletes who count on their encouragement and guidance. An eight-time national water skiing champion, five-time national record holder in water ski jumping, former World Championship U.S. Water Ski Team coach, and proud professional sports parent, he understands first-hand the challenges and rewards of competition. His extensive experience as a corporate leadership coach for Nextel, Sprint, Allstate, Balfour Beatty, The Villages and other companies provides David with unique insight into the skills needed to excel in sports, business and life. He brings an athlete's discipline, a coach's inspiration, and a parent's practical experience to his mission to grow not just champion young athletes, but holistically well-rounded individuals equipped for lifelong excellence.


Parenting Principles

Children want to know what/who is most important in the family and in life.

The opinion that matters most to your children is what they think you think of them.

Children are desperately looking for heroes, both at home and elsewhere.

Children are a work-in-progress, not just short adults.

Sports exist for three reasons:

to have fun

to learn sport and life lessons

to experience competition


Coaching Principles

Effective coaching includes education and inspiration, but not degradation.

The heart of influence is more effective than the hand of control.

Based upon the level of motivation, learning is an option chosen by the student.

Coaching is hard work and the results are not always immediate.

Young athletes are desperately looking for credible heroes to admire.

Athlete Principles

You are responsible for your choices.

Make your choices based on your guiding principles, not your needs.

You are as good today as you have decided to be.

You are on a journey that is full of lessons. You can't go on to the next lesson until completing the current one.

When you don't feel like doing the hard work, do it anyway.

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