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Strategic Capitol Reentry Program

Strategic Capitol Reentry Services offers a year-round evidenced-based therapeutic intervention program to assist adult incarcerated individuals and reentry clients with services to lead a pathway to success and life.  We offer the National Curriculum & Training Institute Real Colors and Crossroads Cognitive program.  This is a cognitive–behavioral intervention that seeks to reduce recidivism in offenders leaving secure confinement by addressing antisocial attitudes and decision-making.  The Cognitive Life Skills (CLS) program is an intervention for paroled offenders reentering the community following secure confinement. The main objective is to help offenders’ reintegration into society by addressing common issues they face (such as antisocial attitudes, poor problem-solving skills, and weak decision-making skills) through improved cognitive thinking skills. CLS is designed specifically for adult medium- and high-risk offenders. The overall goal of CLS is to reduce recidivism and lead a law-abiding life.

We offer the National Fatherhood Initiative 24/7 Dad and Inside/Out Dad.  Our InsideOut Dad® connects inmate fathers to their families, helping to improve behavior while still incarcerated and to break the cycle of recidivism by developing pro-fathering attitudes, knowledge, and skills, along with strategies to prepare fathers for release. Incarcerated fathers get the tools they need to become more involved, responsible, and committed in the lives of their children -- providing increased motivation for them to get out and stay out. Our 24/7 Dad helps men believe that they can effectively manage parenting tasks to be involved fathers and, in turn, when both resident and nonresident fathers alike maintain positive father-child relationships and engagement in children’s activities, they may promote children’s positive outcomes and protect from negative ones.  The program is built on the basis that fathers can be nurturers, and for men, nurturing is a learned skill. 

We offer our in-house Culturally Cog Talk program where we identify with clients through culturally relevant language and structured group sessions to identify transitional needs pertinent to a proper transition from incarceration to responsible structured living including financial literacy, budgeting, credit repair, employment and job training, entrepreneurial business workshop and social activities construction.

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